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What Kind Of Swimwear Should I Bring?

What Kind Of Swimwear Should I Bring?

Planning a beach vacation can be both exciting and overwhelming. With all the different styles, cuts, and patterns available, choosing the right swimwear can seem like a daunting task. But fear not, because we’re here to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect swimwear for your upcoming trip. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or prioritize comfort, we’ve got you covered (literally!). So get ready to hit the beach with confidence as we explore the world of swimwear and discover what suits you best.

What Kind Of Swimwear Should I Bring?

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Consider the type of swimwear activity

When deciding what kind of swimwear to bring, the first thing you need to consider is the type of activity you will be doing. Are you planning on swimming laps at the pool, relaxing on the beach, or participating in water sports? Each activity requires different types of swimwear to ensure maximum comfort and functionality.

Swimming laps at the pool

If you’re planning on hitting the pool for some serious swimming, you’ll want to opt for swimwear that provides both freedom of movement and support. A one-piece swimsuit or a streamlined bikini are excellent choices for this type of activity. Look for swimwear with adjustable straps and stretchy fabric to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Relaxing on the beach

If your goal is to relax and soak up the sun on the beach, you have a wide range of swimwear options to choose from. Whether you prefer a bikini, a tankini, or a one-piece swimsuit, the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable. Consider selecting a style that flatters your body type and makes you feel your best.

Participating in water sports

For those planning on engaging in water sports such as surfing, paddleboarding, or kayaking, it’s important to prioritize functionality and coverage. Boardshorts or swim trunks paired with a rash guard are great options for providing protection against the sun and minimizing the risk of wardrobe malfunctions during active water activities.

Think about the location and weather

The location and weather of your destination play a significant role in determining the type of swimwear you should bring. Consider these factors when packing for your trip.

Tropical beach destination

If you’re heading to a tropical beach destination where the weather is hot and humid, you’ll want to choose swimwear that allows for maximum breathability and comfort. Lightweight and quick-drying fabrics such as nylon, spandex, or lycra are perfect for these conditions. Additionally, don’t forget to consider sun protection by opting for swimwear that offers UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.

Cooler climate or indoor pool

In contrast, if you’ll be swimming in a cooler climate or an indoor pool, you may want to consider swimwear that provides a bit more coverage and warmth. Polyester or mesh swimsuits can help keep you comfortable in these environments, as they offer a bit more insulation without sacrificing style.

Determine your comfort level and body type

Your comfort level and body type are important factors to consider when selecting swimwear. Take some time to assess what makes you feel your best and choose swimwear that enhances your natural shape and provides the level of coverage you’re comfortable with.


Bikinis are a popular choice for those who want to showcase their figure and feel confident in their swimwear. They typically consist of a bra-style top and bottoms, and they offer a range of coverage options, from minimal to moderate.


If you prefer a bit more coverage without sacrificing style, a tankini might be the perfect choice for you. Tankinis are two-piece ensembles that feature a longer top, similar to a tank top, paired with bottoms of your choice. They provide the convenience of a two-piece suit while offering more coverage for those who prefer it.

One-piece swimsuit

For those seeking a classic and timeless swimwear option, a one-piece swimsuit is a great choice. One-pieces come in a variety of styles, from sleek and simple to fun and patterned. They provide full coverage and support, making them perfect for active beach days or family outings.

Swim dress

If you’re looking for a feminine and elegant swimwear option, a swim dress might be the perfect fit for you. Swim dresses feature a one-piece swimsuit with a flowy overlay, giving them a dress-like appearance. They provide ample coverage and can make you feel like a stylish beach queen.

Boardshorts or swim trunks

Boardshorts and swim trunks are excellent options for those who prefer a more modest and sporty look. They are typically worn by men but can also be a great choice for women who want a comfortable and functional swimwear option.

Rash guard

Rash guards are a must-have for those participating in water sports or spending long hours under the sun. These fitted tops offer protection against sunburn and irritation caused by saltwater or sand. They come in various sleeve lengths, allowing you to customize your level of coverage.

Consider the level of coverage you prefer

When choosing swimwear, think about the level of coverage you feel most comfortable in and what suits your personal style best.

Full coverage

If you prefer to keep things modest and want maximum coverage, consider opting for swimwear that provides full coverage. One-piece swimsuits and swim dresses are excellent choices for those who prefer a more conservative look.

Moderate coverage

Moderate coverage swimwear strikes a balance between full coverage and minimal coverage. Tankinis, bikini bottoms with a higher waistline, and one-piece swimsuits with strategic cutouts offer options for those who want to show some skin while still feeling confident and comfortable.

Minimal coverage

For those who are more daring and love to embrace their bodies’ natural beauty, minimal coverage swimwear is the way to go. This includes bikinis, skimpy one-piece swimsuits, and swimsuit bottoms with low rise or cheeky cuts. These styles are perfect for sunbathing, catching some rays, or simply wanting to feel sexy and free-spirited.

What Kind Of Swimwear Should I Bring?

Select the appropriate fabric

The fabric of your swimwear plays a crucial role in comfort and durability. Consider the following options when choosing your swimwear fabric.


Nylon is a popular choice for swimwear due to its excellent stretch and quick-drying properties. It is lightweight, comfortable, and resists shrinking and fading, making it ideal for warm and humid beach destinations.


Polyester is known for its durability and ability to retain color, even after multiple washes. It offers good resistance to chlorine, making it suitable for those who frequently swim in chlorinated pools.


Spandex, also known as elastane or lycra, is a highly stretchable and form-fitting fabric used in swimwear to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Its elasticity ensures that your swimwear stays in place, even during intense water activities.


Lycra is a type of spandex that offers excellent shape retention and stretch recovery. It provides a figure-flattering fit and is commonly used in swimwear to enhance comfort and support.


Mesh is a lightweight fabric that is often used as a decorative element in swimwear. It adds texture and visual interest to your swimsuit, giving it a unique and stylish look.

Check for proper fit and support

To ensure that your swimwear provides the best comfort and support, consider the following fit and support features.

Bra support

If you require extra support in the bust area, look for swimwear that offers built-in bras or molded cups. These features provide lift and support, allowing you to feel confident and secure.

Adjustable straps

Swimwear with adjustable straps allows you to customize the fit of your swimsuit. This feature is especially beneficial for those with longer or shorter torsos.


If you desire additional support and lift for your bust, consider swimwear with underwire. Underwire provides structure and shaping, ensuring that you feel supported and comfortable throughout the day.

Removable padding

Removable padding is a great option for those who want versatility in their swimwear. It allows you to customize your level of padding, giving you the freedom to choose the amount of shaping and support you desire.

Elastic bands

Elastic bands are often used in swimwear to provide additional support and prevent slipping or sagging. Look for swimwear that features wide elastic bands for added comfort and security.

High-waisted bottoms

High-waisted bottoms have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a flattering and comfortable fit. They provide coverage for the midsection and are perfect for those who want to showcase their curves in style.

Drawstring waist

Swimwear with a drawstring waist offers an adjustable fit, allowing you to loosen or tighten the waistband to your preference. This feature is especially useful for ensuring a secure fit during active water activities.

What Kind Of Swimwear Should I Bring?

Consider fashion trends and personal style

Swimwear is not just about functionality and comfort; it’s also an opportunity to showcase your personal style and keep up with the latest fashion trends. Consider these factors when selecting swimwear that resonates with your fashion preferences.

Prints and patterns

From tropical florals to bold geometric patterns, prints and patterns can add a vibrant and eye-catching element to your swimwear. Choose a design that suits your personality and makes you feel confident and stylish.

Solid colors

For those who prefer a more classic and timeless look, solid-colored swimwear is always a safe choice. Opt for colors that complement your skin tone and accentuate your best features.


Cutouts are a trendy feature in swimwear that add a touch of allure and sophistication. From strategically placed cutouts to intricate lattice designs, this feature allows you to show off a bit of skin while still maintaining a modest overall look.


If you want to embrace your feminine side, consider swimwear with ruffles. Ruffles add a playful and flirty element to your swimwear, making you feel fun and fashionable.


Tassels are a fun and whimsical detail that can give your swimwear a boho-chic vibe. Whether they’re dangling from bikini ties or fringe details on a cover-up, tassels add movement and personality to your beach ensemble.


Embroidery is a beautiful and intricate detail that can elevate the look of your swimwear. Whether it’s a delicate floral design or a bold and colorful pattern, embroidered swimwear adds a unique and luxurious touch.

Mesh inserts

Mesh inserts are a stylish and functional detail that can provide a glimpse of skin while still maintaining coverage. They add a touch of edge and sophistication to your swimwear, elevating your beach look.

Strappy details

Strappy details are a trendy and eye-catching feature in swimwear. Whether they’re crisscrossing at the back or creating intricate patterns on the sides, strappy details add a unique and fashionable twist to your swimwear.

Think about convenience and functionality

In addition to style and comfort, it’s important to consider the convenience and functionality of your swimwear. Look for features that enhance your overall beach experience.

Zipper closure

Swimwear with a zipper closure is both stylish and functional. It allows for easy and quick changes, making it perfect for those who are constantly on the go or need to get in and out of their swimwear quickly.

Built-in pockets

Built-in pockets in swimwear are a convenient feature for storing small items such as keys, cash, or a lip balm. They eliminate the need for carrying a separate bag, giving you the freedom to enjoy your swim without worrying about losing your belongings.

Quick-drying fabric

Swimwear made from quick-drying fabrics ensures that you don’t have to wait long for your swimwear to dry before moving on to your next activity. This feature is especially useful for those who are constantly in and out of the water.

Chlorine resistance

If you regularly swim in chlorinated pools, choosing swimwear that is chlorine-resistant is essential. Chlorine-resistant fabrics prevent discoloration and damage caused by prolonged exposure to chlorine, ensuring that your swimwear maintains its color and quality over time.

UV protection

Considering the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin, it’s important to choose swimwear that offers UV protection. Look for swimwear with a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating to safeguard your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

What Kind Of Swimwear Should I Bring?

Consider mix and match options

To maximize versatility and create different looks, consider mix and match options when selecting swimwear. By buying separates, you can mix and match bikini tops and bottoms to create a variety of stylish combinations.

Buy separates for versatility

Investing in separates allows you to mix and match different bikini tops and bottoms, giving you the ability to create multiple looks. This versatility ensures that you can switch up your beach style throughout your vacation without having to pack a different swimsuit for each day.

Coordinate colors and patterns

When mixing and matching separates, it’s important to consider color and pattern coordination. Choose colors and patterns that complement each other, allowing you to effortlessly create stylish and cohesive beach outfits.

Accessorize with cover-ups and sarongs

To complete your beach ensemble and add a touch of elegance, consider accessorizing with cover-ups and sarongs. These versatile pieces can be worn over your swimwear to provide additional coverage or as standalone outfits for beachside dining or strolling along the boardwalk.

Don’t forget about accessories

While swimwear is the star of the show, accessories play an important supporting role in completing your beach look. Consider these essential accessories when packing for your beach getaway.

Sun hat

A wide-brimmed sun hat is a must-have accessory for protecting your face and scalp from the sun’s rays. Choose a hat with UPF protection for maximum sun protection.


Sunglasses are not only a stylish accessory but also crucial for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Opt for sunglasses with polarized lenses for optimal glare reduction.

Flip flops

Comfortable and easy to slip on, flip flops are the go-to footwear for the beach. Look for flip flops with durable soles and cushioned footbeds to ensure all-day comfort.

Beach bag

A spacious and stylish beach bag is essential for carrying all your beach essentials, from sunscreen and towels to snacks and reading material. Look for a bag with multiple compartments to keep your belongings organized.

Waterproof phone case

To protect your phone from water damage and accidental drops, invest in a waterproof phone case. This will allow you to capture those memorable beach moments without worrying about damaging your device.

Water shoes

If you’ll be exploring rocky shorelines or participating in water activities, consider wearing water shoes. Water shoes provide protection for your feet, prevent slipping on wet surfaces, and allow you to comfortably navigate various terrains.

Beach towel

A plush and absorbent beach towel is a must-have for lounging on the sand or drying off after a swim. Look for towels made from quick-drying materials that are gentle on the skin.

By considering the type of swimwear activity, the location and weather, your comfort level and body type, the level of coverage you prefer, the appropriate fabric, proper fit and support, fashion trends and personal style, convenience and functionality, mix and match options, and essential accessories, you can make an informed decision on what kind of swimwear to bring. Remember, the key is to choose swimwear that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to make a splash at the beach or pool!

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